Living With Intention

Intention. It’s one of those words I’ve always heard, but only recently did I choose to explore what it truly means for my life.

For me, intention means with purpose. And lately, I’ve been living my life with purpose.

I’ve been intentional about my thoughts, my words and my actions. Believe it or not, living on purpose has required effort on my part. A lot of effort.

I’m a free spirit who makes impromptu decisions that feel good in the moment – and that makes being intentional a little difficult for me. Well, very difficult for me.

Even so, I don’t take the small stuff for granted anymore. Now, more than ever, I choose to see God in every little thing. That process starts in my heart and then it travels up to my head before it forms on my tongue or seeps through my fingertips or into my footsteps.

Right now, I’m thinking about some things I want to accomplish with my music. I’m not sure how to approach the details, so I’ve just been thinking good thoughts about them. I’ve been envisioning myself in certain places. I’ve been imagining positive outcomes. I’ve been practicing what to say and how to say it.

I find myself smiling as I let the good thoughts flow…then I hear one of my kids calling for me and I snap back to my current reality.

Check that – I said “current reality” intentionally. Where I am today is not where I’ll always be – in a good way. That excites me.

Living with purpose is an everyday journey. It’s a journey I’m taking step by step. Intentionally. 


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