Embracing Personal Truths

If you’re like me, you might allow yourself to become preoccupied with what others think of you. Getting “stuck” in a cycle of needing validation and approval can be deafening and suffocating. Been there, done that.

In recent years, I’ve intentionally begun to “free” myself. I’ve begun a process of discovering my own sense of authenticity. I’ve asked myself aloud and repeatedly: What are my personal truths? 

Shawnte Benefield, an education administrator I grew up with in Waycross, Georgia, shared a copy of her book, Freedom From Other People’s Opinions, with me last month. The title alone struck a chord.

I’ve reflected on some pivotal choices I’ve made throughout my life that were unduly influenced by others’ opinions and I’ve cringed. Ugh. The old me has been shedding dead skin for a while…slowly, but surely.

I think becoming authentic is a process for some people. We’re often programmed to keep up a facade to keep the peace and to play it safe. It’s completely understandable – and often necessary – so that we can coexist with others at home, at work and in the community.

Unfortunately, though, we can sometimes lose our true identity – our genuine peace of mind – without realizing it. I know I did.

To me, the process of becoming authentic means embracing your personal truths. Sometimes you can express your truths out loud – and sometimes you can’t.

Either way, I think the most important thing we can do is take ownership of who we truly are when no one is watching – and walk in that truth even when it’s uncomfortable. 

One of my personal truths is that I have no interest in working a 9-to-5 corporate job anymore. I want to sing. I want to perform. I want to be a mentor. I want use my time, talents and treasure to help change the world! Lofty, but true.

Honestly, it’s taken me years to not just think this, but to live it out loud in my heart, with my voice and by virtue of my everyday choices.

I’ve discovered many more truths about myself, but this is the single most important truth that has helped change the trajectory of my path.

Your turn. What are your personal truths?



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