I Am…

My dear friend Althea Lawton-Thompson introduced me to the idea of an “I Am” board at an intimate gathering recently. It’s her spin on the vision board concept — and I love it. Rather than envisioning what I aspire to be, I declared who I AM in Jesus’ name.

As I sat down to create my board, words flowed from my mind to my fingertips freely. I wrote without hesitating — love, light, talented, focused, intentional, joyful, musical, authentic, passionate, purposeful. It was exhilarating!

2016 is a thing of the past — thank goodness! As I blaze trails into 2017, I do so with intention. It’s time to passionately pursue my purpose as this season of purging comes to an end. Selah.

I haven’t made New Year’s resolutions in years because I can never seem to follow through past the first three days. Ask my little sister @EricaReneeD about me…she knows. Don’t laugh! I know I’m not alone:-/

What I can do – and what I have done – is declare whose I am and remind myself what I am. I’m making it clear to myself -and the world – what I expect to achieve. Not just in this year, but in this lifetime.

I can do this. I AM doing this.

Livin’ my dream in 2017! #Letsgo #Intention #PassionatePurpose #FromTheretoHere



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