“Get Here” by Oleta Adams

HearCharitySing a cover of Oleta Adams’ soulful 199o hit, Get Here. I did this version in one take to a Karaoke track, and the vocals and sound have not been edited.

I like to record my first take of a song (especially cover songs I already know) so that I can play it back and critique myself – vocals, timing, pronunciation, ad libs, etc. I listen to every note, every breath, every verse over and over again. I listen for the details so I can get better with every song I sing.

I also record the first take because it’s a reflection of my pure heart for the song…without overthinking it. Yes, I’m guilty of overthinking things – especially when I want to get something just right. So when I get in the studio these days, I trust my gut and ask the engineer to record my first take – and I’ve found that it’s usually among  my best work for a song.

I was working with a producer on some demo tracks when we started thinking about some popular R&B songs he could mix into an upbeat Techno track. I’m a connoisseur of 90s R&B, and Oleta Adams came to mind during our brainstorm. She’s a talented songwriter and vocalist, and she was nominated for a Best Female Pop Vocalist Grammy for her version of this Brenda Russell original (she’s another uber talented songwriter and vocalist most people may not know if they don’t love 90s R&B!).

I love Oleta’s voice. It’s unique. It’s full. It’s smooth. I love her rendition of this song – and I hope you’ll enjoy mine.


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