I Will Trust You

Check out this original song, I Will Trust You, written by Anthony Sweezer. He’s a songwriter and pianist who recently relocated to Atlanta. He wrote this song and I sang it for the first time only a few minutes after hearing it.

As you can imagine, this song kinda hits home for me:-)

When I was growing up, I would hear church folk talk about trusting the Lord. I didn’t understand what the big deal was. How hard can that be? I mean – God is everything! Literally.

These days, I know EXACTLY what those church folk were talking about! In spite of all the head knowledge I’ve absorbed through the years, I must admit that I still have trouble trusting sometimes. (Don’t judge me.)

I know the Word, I sing the songs, I shout His praises…but when times have gotten really hard, I’ve panicked. I’ve worried. I’ve agonized. “Are you still there, God? Don’t you hear me crying out to you?!” 

It’s only human to have those emotions, so I give myself some slack. BUT, if God said He’ll do it, then I must have faith and TRUST Him to do it.

So hear I am. Trusting Him to do just what He said He would with my life

Photo Credit: Krystal Harris of Photojourneys Photography @yourphotojourneys





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