What A Friend

Sometimes, you meet people and wonder why they’re part of your life. Other people you meet and know within days, weeks or months, that destiny brought you together.

Jennifer Thigpen is one of those people for me. She was destined to be my friend.

We met in college at the University of Georgia in 1996. She had another roommate and so did I. As fate would have it, we ended up being off campus roommates our junior and senior years. Our time together was full of adventure (like studying all night for finals when we didn’t actually go to the class!) and our bond was cemented from then to now.

Through weddings, the birth of our children, job changes, family matters and life — we’ve stuck together. She is a wife and mother of two — and a breast cancer survivor! I’m a divorcee, mother of three and a starving artist. We’re two peas in a pod.

She’s stuck with me through all my “stuff” and I’m grateful. Just the other day, she sent me a text and said: “I believe in you. You are a mighty person.”

I stared at my phone and cried.

To know that my friend not only SAYS she believes in me, but also SHOWS me that she’s one of my biggest fans, really matters.

What a friend she is. What a difference she makes in life. Thank you, Jennifer.








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