My Heartbeats

I am many things – a daughter, sister, friend, singer, dancer, coach, mentor and a communications professional. But most of all, I’m a mommy.

I have three bundles of joy – and they are my inspiration. Frankly, they’re a big reason why I’m taking the leap to pursue entertainment at 29+. (Who’s counting?!)

I want to live what I’m teaching them – cultivate your passions, trust your instincts, follow your heart, dream big, work hard, do what makes you happy. So far, I haven’t done that for myself. It’s not too late for me – it’s not too late for you, either!

When I think of my first inspiration, I think of my Mommy, Edith Johnson. She is the epitome of what it means to be a great mother. I know everyone says that about their Mom, but I really mean it. (And I know you do, too!)

My Dad died of an aneurysm when I was 16, and my little sister, Erica Renee Davis, was only 13. He had a headache on Sunday, and he was dead by Tuesday night. He was a great Daddy, so it was a huge loss for us. If I linger on this keyboard long enough just thinking about it, I’ll cry a river.

My mother was suddenly a widow with two kids to get through high school, college and LIFE. Wow.

As a teenager, I took her for granted. Of course I did…because I was a teenager. Now that I’m a mother, I have nothing but gratitude for her unconditional love, resilience and sacrifices. As I sit here just thinking of what she continues to do for me even now, I’ll cry a river.

Edith Johnson is my SHERO. Period. And she is the model for the kind of loving, die-hard, nothing-is-too-much mother I hope my children will see in me, too.

My three heartbeats motivate me to keep forging ahead when I’ve tapped out. They inspire me to dig deep when all I want to do is quit. They require me to keep giving when I feel like there’s nothing left to give.

These three kids are my little motivations. And my Mom is my first inspiration.

Photography Credit: Krystal Harris of Photojourneys Photography @yourphotojourneys 



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