Go Hard

My little sister, Erica Renee Davis, knows how to go hard.

One day, she announced to our mother and me that she was leaving Georgia and moving to Los Angeles. I wasn’t surprised. She’s uber talented, creative, sassy and like I said – she goes hard.

She packed up her little black Honda civic and drove one way to Los Angeles from our hometown Waycross, Georgia, with our mother in the passenger seat (well, most of the time). It took a week for them to get there. Bless their hearts.

Since Erica landed in L.A., she has booked national commercials, appeared in infomercials,  created and starred in at least two online sports shows (check out The Morning Score!), been featured in magazines, appeared on HLN’s Dr. Drew and starred in a reality TV show. That’s a short list of what I can remember offhand. There’s lots more.

We grew up taking dance, twirling, acrobatics, drama, piano, modeling, etc. from Ann Combs in our hometown. We performed, competed, traveled and earned recognition as the first and second African American majorettes in the University of Georgia Redcoat Marching Band (1996-2000 for me and 2000-2004 for her). We loved every minute of it through the years. We wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Yes, my little sister inspires me to keep believing, dreaming and pushing. Yes, she challenges me to go hard, too.

I guess little sisters can be blessing after all:-)


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